How to become a WebCam model and earn money online

Working as a Web Cam model gives millions of people the possibility to obtain a livelihood by making use of their physique and seduction, managing the most comfortable schedules, interacting with people and getting spectators for shows. Becoming a Camgirl (woman webcam model) or Camboy by being a successful man will take time, perseverance and dedication but the benefits that we can obtain will be high.

How to become a model for Online Webcam broadcasts?

The main thing to keep in mind when looking to get started in webcam modeling is to analyze if we meet the necessary requirements, since this is an indispensable and limiting factor. In general, we will need to meet the following points:

Requirements to be a web model

  • Being over 18 years.
  • Have an ID (Document, passport, driver's license) issued by the governmental entity of our country.
  • Have a webcam to stream (HD support recommended for better video quality).
  • Have a stable and high-speed Internet connection.

They may vary and additional requirements are added depending on the platform with which we are going to interact.

Sites looking to hire Webcam models

The best online camera site to earn money will depend on the needs, tastes and preferences of each person. From our website 'Web Cam Models' we take care of providing a complete review of those that we consider to have the most experience, the greatest number of daily visits, a variety of tools to generate income, value in payments for tokens, percentages for the model, means of payment and other relevant information.

Once we have chosen the platform in which we want to sell our modeling service and interact, we must follow the registration process . To create an account, it will be necessary to complete the requested information -which will vary depending on the site in question- and provide a photo of an ID with which they will corroborate that we are old enough to work in this area. Once the process is finished and once the account has been verified, we will be able to personalize our profile and start working with online transmissions.

How much money does a webcam model make?

Regardless of the gender of the model in question - woman, man or transsexual - each and every one can achieve a considerable and relevant flow of money. Many people live on the income generated on these platforms by donations from viewers at shows, content sales (photo and video galleries) and charges for interactions with other people (calls paid per minute) to mention the most popular ways.

The amount of earnings to have as a WebCam model will be proportional to many factors such as the time, effort and dedication that we put in relating to the audience in a loyal and binding way, the type of show that we provide (erotic, sexual or other area) , the charisma and sympathy that we have since it plays a fundamental role in the donations, the authenticity and uniqueness in the personality of each model, the website chosen by the value of each token and the percentage that each model earns, along with several others circumstances.

From the beginning we dare to say that YES you can make a lot of money by dedicating a few hours a day and many models do it, but it is NOT easy, you have to get from below, achieve an audience interested in the type of show and content to offer as well as making us popular and visible on the site takes time and effort .

Before broadcasting the first show as a WebCam model: What is missing?

Once we register a new account to broadcast on the site that interests us the most and we have the account verified , we are ready to begin.

How to choose a username:

The relevance of the name that we will use will rest on the fact that it is a pleasant , memorable nickname that refers to the type of show or content that we will offer. When considering the cover letter, it may be what attracts or alienates viewers, it must be easy to remember, seductive / sexy and pleasant, these characteristics will make the chosen artist name a good one.

It will be our own 'brand' and we will work on branding around it, so it is an important point.

How to customize a profile:

Once the user has been chosen, we have to customize and define the available options, this will allow viewers and interested parties to filter to see if we adapt to their tastes and preferences. Most erotic streaming websites allow you to choose a profile photo (which should be striking and seductive), write a short biography of your own and define hashtags ( # ) with the type of show or characteristics of the model.

An excellent profile photo added to a username related to the show will have a greater interaction with potential viewers and navigators of the platform.

How to choose the right work environment:

The place where the performance will take place must be previously selected based on certain factors, we will consider the following relevant:

  • Luminosity: Natural or artificial will depend on the time of day in which we transmit, the location of the windows, reflections on ambient surfaces, season of the year and country, warm or temperate light. Analyze these points to achieve the best light combination.
  • Sounds: It can reduce the quality of the show if we have external sounds of vehicles, dogs barking, voices of other people living in the home, etc. On the contrary, a direct interaction with a microphone that allows a defined tone and voice level to be heard will contribute to improving the transmission and interaction with each expectant user.
  • Physical place: It is necessary to have a place where we are comfortable, without distractions and we can carry out the show without problems. Rooms dedicated especially to this work is what is usually chosen, set and decorated for each transmission.

Use of sex toys and fulfillment of fetishes:

Giving a unique and authentic show is what will differentiate us from the rest and will allow us to attract a greater flow of spectators and potential donors to the show. For this reason, it is good to analyze what types of shows can be given and what actions can be practiced to highlight.

The use of sex toys in shows is common practice and several profiles of these sites use them in their transmissions, being able to charge tokens for their use or intensify it by receiving donations. A few examples are: Dildos, masturbators, Chinese balls, vibrators, double dildos, clamps, suckers, rings and vacuum pumps, the use of oil and lubricants with a water or oily base cannot be ignored.

The focus of a web cam model towards a specific fetish can attract viewers who enjoy precisely the excitement that object, act or action provides. There is a long list of sexual fetishes with regard to clothing (thong, panties, heels, dresses, miniskirts, latex clothing, gloves, stockings, work clothes) is a point to take into account when selecting garments that we will use. Sexual preferences for specific parts of the body such as feet, breasts, hips, buttocks and tail -among others- can also contribute to practicing as an artist focused on them, additionally, the use of costumes, PVC or latex clothing, excitement by the decoration of a place are valid points to inquire.

What equipment and accessories do we need to be a webcamer?

  • HD camera : The video quality will mainly be the consequence of having an HD compatible camera, that is, it records in high quality (720p, 1080p, 2160p, 4k). Highly recommended to make a worthwhile investment, broadcasts with poor video quality are not worth it.
  • Computer: Regardless of whether it is a desktop PC or a Notebook, it will be necessary to have one to connect to the sites and install software (certain platforms have their own programs).
  • Wireless keyboard and mouse : The wireless feature will help to have greater comfort and freedom of movement, it is not necessary but recommended.
  • High-speed WiFi connection : To transmit good quality audio and video, without interruptions or interruptions, a stable Internet connection with a good transmission of MB / s is required.
  • Microphone: It is required to transmit audio, viewing content without sound is not good. By having a medium to high quality microphone, the tone of voice and the sounds of the show will be heard in an excellent way.

How to promote our profile and make branding:

Promoting the profile of an Online Cams site on websites external to the platform itself serves to attract individuals interested in us and the content. There are many where you can make a small individual description, expand on the characteristics of the show, upload images and videos to make us known to finally leave the link to our profile and direct potential users.

For the proper functioning of this method, it is necessary to have a striking photo that stands out, a sexy and easy-to-remember username (where possible referring to your own specifications or those of the show) and write in a good way what we offer. Specifying regarding age, nationality / ancestry, physical characteristics (eye and hair color, body type, etc.) will contribute to the desired goal of making us known.

Get fans, followers and subscribers:

A faithful and continuous audience that grows with each transmission is the most beneficial thing a camgirl or a camboy can have that seeks to earn money through this means. This type of recurring people, who are in most of the shows, is usually the one who donates the most tokens (real money). Being in contact with them, calling them by their names or users, remembering that they are always there, meeting their demands (talks, requests, etc.), can be positive in the long term.

Spread through social networks:

Another way to increase visitors to broadcasts and to our profile is promoting through social media such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, SnapChat & TikTok to name a few examples. By uploading photos or videos, notifying of upcoming shows and interacting with followers of these networks, we will monopolize the possibility of receiving more viewers.

Promote yourself on adult video sites:

Uploading videos of previous or general broadcasts with a watermark and link in the description to our profile is another tool to attract viewers in the following online shows.

Sweepstakes and contests:

Offering free benefits or in exchange for minor shares to followers can benefit us considerably. Imagine sharing a publication or broadcasting through social networks and then winning an intimate garment of the model itself? It can be a successful campaign ...

How to appear higher on the online cam sites?

Being one of the most popular questions on this topic, we must say that all platforms are managed by specific algorithms, each site has its own metrics and behavior patterns to raise or lower a profile giving it visibility.

Although there is no exact formula, what we can define as safe is that the more viewers , followers and subscribers we will appear at the top. For this we must have a complete profile, attractive image, name remembered and searched on the site, interaction with users, positive votes, seniority, relationship with other profiles, complete social networks, reception of visitors from multiple sources and more.

Additional ways to donations to earn money:

In addition to the profit for tokens and money for donations in each show, it is possible to organize ourselves to enhance possible sources of income and take advantage of previously created content.

Sell ​​photos and videos from our profile:

Several sites offer the chance to upload photo and video galleries for which -the interested- must pay a commission in tokens (previously stipulated) for their access.

Sell ​​access to social networks:

We previously mentioned it as a way to promote a profile, but for those looking to monetize this, they can charge a fee to provide the profiles of social networks.

Sell ​​call time or video calls:

To interact in a 1-1 way certain people can pay per minute, without a doubt it is a good way to take advantage of the time allocated to this individual, the Skyprivate tool is one of the most popular for this.

Own website:

Developing a website can be another way of marketing and promoting ourselves, several platforms allow easily following instructions to achieve this. Trading monthly subscriptions for access to videos and photos is one possibility.

Product List - Whishlist: Receive Gifts

Certain e-commerce sites such as Amazon have the ability to create 'wish lists' by adding products that we are interested in so that outsiders can pay for them. They can be objects and clothes for shows or simply others that we want for our daily lives, promoting this list on the profile we can get followers to give us gifts.

Sale of underwear and objects:

Certain people can pay for underwear or objects used during the show to have a kind of physical memory, you can offer underwear or whatever you think is worth the price that suits you.

FanClubs - Fan Sites:

Promoting our profile in the sites considered 'FanClubs' in which they must pay a monthly subscription to have the entry that will allow to see the updates of photos and videos allows another opportunity to generate income. Additionally, these sites offer the chance to sell private messages and other interesting features.