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Charging per minute in a Skype video call is one of the main functions for which the SkyPrivate software was developed, becoming an indispensable program for people who perform web modeling with a certain audience or simple amateurs -of any gender- who seek to provide a service by this means Online. To sum up, SkyPrivate, is an extension that links to Skype -compatible with versions of both mobile and computer operating systems- to provide paid video, audio and text transmissions.

How to create an account on SkyPrivate and verify it:

First and foremost, we must - if we do not have one - create an account in the Skype service and then proceed to register from the official SkyPrivate website.


We will see a screen like the following one, we click on the 'SIGN UP' button marked in the red box, then we will see that the following information is requested which we must complete without omitting any data and adding a valid email since it must be verified.

We must complete with:

  • Type of account to use (Member - Model - Study)
  • Name of profile
  • Password x2 (same key)
  • Email
  • Accept terms and conditions

We will receive an e-mail with a verification link which we must open from the browser.

Next we must log in to SkyPrivate with the username and password previously added. We will continue with the registration and request personal information: Name, surname, date of birth (month - day - year), gender and preferred language.

How to verify identity and profile on SkyPrivate:

All models must corroborate their age of majority being 18+ years old, for this an official document issued by the state agency of our country of residence is required, which may be:

  • DNI (national identity document).
  • Identification card.
  • Passport.
  • Driver's license.

The information required will be: The ID number, address, city, region, country, type of document and expiration date, complete all the fields we click on 'NEXT' or 'NEXT'. This information will be contrasted with the photos of the document that we upload in the next step, so it must be correct and we recommend that it be double-checked.

Upload photos of requested documentation:

To check what was previously completed, it is necessary to upload the following photos:

  • Front photo of the document
  • Back photo of the document
  • Selfie with our face and the document
  • Selfie with our visible face and a paper with the date of the current day (it can be an invoice or ballot less than 3 months old)

We will wait for them to carry out this verification in less than 48 hours and they will notify us if it was exceeded or they require us to upload another photo, it is necessary that it be legible and the personal information is seen without erasures or distortions.

Then we choose the services that we are going to use from SkyPrivate and add our Skype profile name in the requested field to finally install the 'PayPerMinute' plugin that will be linked to the software mentioned above.

This extension does NOT make modifications to Skype but its functionality is based on checking who is calling and for how long, it tracks who is calling (ID) and the time spent on the respective call. The privacy of both the model and the paying member are completely safe and secure .

How to create a public model profile on SkyPrivate:


Despite the fact that several models - women, men, transsexuals, couples or groups - already have an audience and people interested in making paid video calls and only seek to make it profitable through the use of this tool, it is possible to make our profile known on the same website. SkyPrivate to expand the number of potential 'customers'.

For this it is necessary, from the 'Profiles' or 'Profiles' section, to complete the requested data (Age, price per minute of call, preferred language and keywords related to the type of show) so that any member who searches using the filter, you can see the results that meet your requirements.

Methods to collect funds from SkyPrivate:

Fortunately, there are several methods available to receive payments for the income generated in SkyPrivate , the minimum amount required will depend on each one individually. With regard to payment terms, unlike other companies, it does not have a weekly or monthly calendar, but simply must be requested from the panel when we want and we have covered the minimum requirements.

  • ACH: US members the minimum amount is 100 USD and they charge a fee of 5 USD.
  • Paxum: Online payment processor, the minimum amount is 40 USD.
  • Bitcoin: The most popular cryptocurrency, the minimum amount is 50 USD.
  • ePayments: 40 USD minimum to request withdrawal.
  • SEPA: Bank transfers for European citizens with a minimum of 100 USD.
  • SWIFT: International Bank Transfers, requires a minimum of 2000 USD and costs 50 USD commission.

Deadlines for receiving payments:

As we mentioned above there is no payment schedule, you only have to request the 'cashout' from the payments section in the profile of each model.

How and how much money can you earn with SkyPrivate?

The system to generate income is based on the money that people charge to their SkyPrivate account that they then have to make video calls with the respective models. The price in question is established by each model based on one minute and, prior to starting the call, customers agree to pay it

The amount of money that we can earn using this software will depend on the number of shows we do and interactions with people as well as the price they have to pay for it and the duration (let's not forget that you pay per minute). A balance must be made regarding the cost of each minute and the quality of the show as what is offered to obtain recurring fans to this service .

There is no exact number for this answer, it varies depending on the factors mentioned above in addition to the dedication of each model, subscriber base and followers in social networks willing to pay to have a communication with us for giving examples of relevant points.


What percentage of profit does the model make on SkyPrivate?

It starts with a base of 75% that can be expanded to a maximum of 86%. This increase is based on the number of people you can refer and generate income, it will increase by 0.1% for each person who registers with your link and earns money.

Instructions for using SkyPrivate:

We will summarize the steps to follow to be able to use this program and charge every minute of private transmission.

  • Sign up for Skype (if you don't have an account)
  • Sign up for SkyPrivate
  • Install the extension
  • Run the Skype software
  • Run the SkyPrivate extension

It only remains for them to contact us and we will see if that person has funds on the platform to waste resources with those who do not want to pay for the time of each model.

Additional benefits of SkyPrivate:

It is worth highlighting other outstanding functionalities of this website and software, we will mention the following:

  • It has a dedicated support for the models so that they can evacuate their doubts and maximize the existing benefits.
  • Occasionally give away and vouchers or discount coupons are raffled to promote service.
  • Developers continuously improve the mobile version (Sky Private phone sex app) based on the usability of the models and clients.
  • Acceptance of all genders: Male - Female - Transsexual
  • Payments based on request, without delay.
  • Possibility of increasing the percentage of income generated.


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