Adult Streams Online - [Steps and Requirements 2020]

StripChat, ranking in the TOP 10 of visitors among sites with live broadcasts for seniors, has potential in excess for those looking to get started in the subject of web modeling. We will explain the main features of this platform as well as all the benefits available on one of the best websites for both erotic and XXX adult shows .

Requirements to work with STRIPCHAT:

Basic and similar to those of other websites presented, it is necessary to be over 18 years of age and corroborate it with documentation at the time of carrying out the requested verification. They accept people of all genders (male, female, transsexual), couples, groups and studio accounts (with the respective individual verification of each participant prior to a show).

How to create an account and register on StripChat:

The first step is to register on, that is, create a new account. To start the process and access directly, we can click on the button below:


Once we access it, it is necessary that we complete with a username (it will be verified that it has not been previously used by another profile) and an email (which must be our own and to which we have access), complete these two fields, we click on the 'I want to earn money' button . We will receive an e-mail that we must open and click on the final link, with this we will verify our email. Additionally, in this email received, we will have the generated password that we can later modify by one at will.

It will then ask for the following profile data:

Gender of interest, date of birth, languages ​​we speak, body type, ethnicity, specifications, hair color, eye color, subculture, 'About me' section, profile photo (you can upload one or capture if you have a camera web on the device we are using at the time of completion). Not all fields are required to continue to the next section, but it is recommended to complete them.

In addition, it will request that we choose the prices for each type of specific show , we bear in mind that each Stripchat token costs 0.05 USD.

Identification and documentation verification section:

It is necessary to comply with the guidelines to work with them, therefore, before starting to broadcast, they will have to verify that we have reached the requested age of majority. In addition to personal information such as name, surname, sex, date of birth, they will request that we complete:

  • ID number.
  • Direction.
  • Country that issues the document to be provided.
  • City.
  • Front photo of the ID.
  • Photo (selfie) with the ID and a piece of paper with the chosen username and today's date.

It only remains to wait for them to verify the veracity of the uploaded documents and information provided to be able to start working in front of the camera and providing online shows to those interested.


What do we need to broadcast and on Stripchat?

The main thing, once our account has been created and verified, is to have a laptop or desktop PC and a camera -preferably in HD or of good quality- since they will be the main resources for transmitting videos. Additionally, we require an environment in which we are comfortable being recommended to use a specific area adapted for this where we have the facilities and no distractions.

As secondary or second-order accessories we can have:

  • External microphone to give a better hearing quality.
  • Sex toys: Those of the LoveSense and OhMiBod brands can be linked to the platform to, when receiving donations, provide different intensities.
  • Luminosity correct: Combine sun or external light to be a balance in transmission.

How to make money on Stripchat?

Strip Chat combines an adult site with live video broadcasts and -social network- since each model has their personalized profile. The various ways to earn money that the platform allows us are the following:

Types of shows:

Considering the main one, there are different types of shows , each with its specific characterization, there are the following:

  • Public shows: Anyone can access, we can earn tokens with donations. They tend to have a large audience and visitors need to be persuaded to send tokens as tips through goals / objectives, the use of linked sex toys, and more persuasive ways.
  • Private shows: These are transmissions between a model and a person, with the interaction between the two reserved, the rate is paid per minute and is negotiated prior to the start of this show.
  • Cam2Cam: Similar to the private show, only that whoever pays the model by the minute has the possibility to activate the camera and microphone, NOBODY can spy.
  • Spy shows: Those interested can pay a fee per minute and see a private show without interacting with the / model in question.

Your fanclub and subscription system:

Ideal for models looking for other ways to make their profile profitable is the payment system for subscriptions to a profile, by paying a fee - set by the model - they will have access to certain specific content. One benefit is that it is not necessary to be 'Online' to be able to generate income through this means.

Sale of photos and videos:

A variant is to offer content dedicated to fans such as thematic photographs or videos referring to one (previously paid).

Sale of profiles on social networks:

Not always, but to know the private social networks of certain models it is possible to pay a commission. Snapchat and Instagram are the most popular for this system.

How many daily, weekly and monthly income can be made?


As there are several factors to take into account, the amount of potential earnings on as a model varies considerably. It will depend on factors such as the number of followers or fans on social networks who are interested in seeing the show , the personalization of our profile, the amount of time we allocate as well as the days and hours we work, the charisma, type of show, accessories and visitors at the time of transmission.

As you create your own loyal audience, tips and donations will be higher, in addition to the income from Online transmissions, we must add the earnings from subscriptions to the profile, marketing of audiovisual content (photos and videos) or gifts that we can to receive.

What is 100% certain is that you can live being a successful online model , although it is not easy, you can see the rankings on the same site and corroborate the potential of this work. In addition, it is good to review other profiles of people who have several visitors to see how they are organized and managed in general, another point in favor is the possibility of performing shows in conjunction with other models to enhance the profiles involved.

Tokens, means of collection and payment terms in Stripchat:

Each Strip Chat token has a value of 0.05 USD, that is, 100 tokens are worth 5 dollars.

There are 3 ways available to receive the dollars generated by the sale of tokens in the system. Paxum, the Online platform requires at least 50 USD, a physical check , which can then be deposited into a bank account, requires a higher amount of 100 USD, and finally, bank transfer requires funds equal to or greater than 500 USD.

Regarding Strip-Chat payments are made weekly every Tuesday, the account must be verified, tax and payment information complete before requesting the 'cashout'.

Additional StripChat features:

  • Allows you to block countries for the privacy of the models.
  • DMCA content security.
  • Private information and protected documentation.
  • Tying sex toys with tips.
  • All accepted genders (male, female, transsexual)
  • Heterosexual and homosexual couples are welcome.
  • Possibility of creating a study account.
  • Allows group broadcasts.
  • Owned by, it is one of the erotic and adult cam sites with the most daily visitors.
  • Filters by countries, physical characteristics, languages ​​and type of shows.
  • Help and technical support available.


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