How to register in OnlyFans the social network to earn money

OnlyFans is a particular social network whose main point to highlight is that it gives us the possibility of generating income through a subscription system . This benefit allows a unique relationship and interaction between users, specifically between content creators and their 'fans' or 'subscribers'. The person who generates the content, regardless of the topic, configures their profile with a monthly subscription price through which subscribers, by paying for it, will have access to everything that is uploaded to the profile as well as the chance to interact through messages direct, comments and other types of communications.

How to make money with OnlyFans?

Obtaining benefits and profits is one of the main motivational resources that its users have, there are already thousands of active profiles making money in OnlyFans daily and the social network is in full growth.

How to register and create an account at OnlyFans

We enter the official site from the URL of the link or the button below.


We can enter and log in with a Twitter account that, giving access, will share part of our information or register an account adding the requested information (e-mail, password and name) in addition to accepting the terms and conditions and clicking on the button '' Sign UP '. In case the anti-spam field 'ReCaptcha' appears, we resolve it by confirming that we are not a robot and proceed to click on 'Sign UP' again.

The OnlyFans account is created , it will take us to a screen where we can complete with information from our profile (we can access at any time).

How to verify email

Next step, we will receive in our e-mail, precisely in the inbox or SPAM an email welcoming us and in which we must click on the verification link for it to be confirmed. I do this, we will receive another email confirming that the process was correct.

Identity verification at OnlyFans

A requirement to be able to add a payment method and an available card if you want to subscribe to a profile is identity verification. Verifying that it is a real person and with the correct info is an ID verification, for this you will request:

  • Photo of an identity document issued by a government entity of the country (Driver's license, identity card, card, passport, etc.).
  • A selfie with the respective document.

Once we have these two images, we will upload them in the requested section of our profile and send a message to our email that mentions that they will take a maximum of 72 hours to corroborate this. In case the uploaded photos are legible and accepted, we will receive another email confirming that our account was approved.

How much money can I earn with OnlyFans?

It will depend purely and exclusively on the exposure your profile has, more precisely on the number of followers and interested people who pay for your membership. A greater number of fans paying the subscription monthly because they are attracted by your content (photos, videos, surveys, etc.) and interaction with them (direct messages, chats and live transmissions) will increase the profits. The content creator makes an 80% profit while the platform keeps the remainder.

The most popular profiles have made their income public and it can be said that they generate thousands of dollars, that is, with hard work, time and effort generating quality content and having a good relationship with the fans.

Subscription cost:

It is a delicate point, the profile subscription can be free, allowing everyone to unblock OnlyFans and access our content or being paid with a MINIMUM amount of 4.99 USD per month. The most advisable thing is to analyze what amount seems accessible and reasonable for our fans, in case it is a low amount, we will be 'losing' potential income, while if it is a high amount, not everyone will be able to access and will be excluded by so we will have fewer monthly subscribers so a reasonable balance and amount is what we consider best.

Tips to earn more and increase profits at OnlyFans

When starting an OnlyFans account from scratch we will have several customization options in our profile. It is essential to have an attractive and closely related cover image or cover alluding to the issues that our profile will explain, in a similar way, our profile photo will be the first impression that potential fans will have, so emphasizing these two areas is important.

  • Pushing ourselves with social networks (Twitter, Facebook and Instagram) will give us a good start. Promote different content (exclusive on OnlyFans).
  • Have a memorable and attractive username and display name .
  • Maintain fluid communication with the fans , maintain an interrelation asking what interests them, what type of content they want to see and other demands.
  • Respond to direct messages and comments, rate loyal fans .
  • Welcoming new subscribers make them feel special.
  • Fresh and new content , it can be themed of different dates that mark the calendar (Christmas, Valentine's Day, birthdays, etc).
  • Conduct surveys by consulting what type of content fans want to see and meet them.
  • Use paid private messages to offer 'special', unique and original content.
  • The greater the number of comments and interactions we will access a greater profile visibility.
  • Promote a profile on Reddit, Poringa, TikTok and more that have a good influx of potential subscribers.
  • Linking and collaborating with other OnlyFans profiles can undoubtedly serve to gain more fans.

Valuable content types for OnlyFans

Not only is the XXX theme focused on adults offered by the profiles of this social network, but also, many people are creators of content in areas such as art and paintings, fitness, healthy life and health, yoga, music, interpretations with costumes (cosplay), video games, makeup and beauty tips etc. So if you are not looking to offer adult content on OnlyFans , you can do whatever comes to your mind and consider that it attracts the audience.

Payment methods to charge OnlyFans:

Generated income from subscriptions and direct messages, we must find the payment method that best suits our needs. Depending on the country, they will be those available, but in general we will have: International SWIFT transfers, VISA Direct, Online payment processors such as Paxum, ePayServices, CosmoPayment and more, each of these will have its own minimum amount and conditions as well as commissions and delays of processing (daily, weekly and monthly). They have a contact with support section, specifically for this section due to its relevance.

Add card to pay subscriptions:

Once registered and with our verified account, we can add a card to pay subscriptions to profiles and unlock content. We do this from the 'Your cards' section, we must add its information (numbers, verification code, expiration date) as well as country, city and address, once this is confirmed, a debit of 0.10 USD will be made to confirm it.

How to add balance:

Next, we will have to charge credit to our account by adding a balance to the portfolio with the amount we want (minimum 10 USD) that will then be available to subscribe.

Onlyfans mobile app, supported platforms and operating systems:

At the moment there is no official application for iOS or Android, but it does have maximum compatibility with the most popular Smartphones browsers. Similarly, browsers for Windows and other computer operating systems have a practical web interface to carry out the tasks that will allow us to fully exploit the available functionalities.

Alternatives to the Only Fans name:

We have taken the notion that many people look for this social network to earn money using other names such as 'Solo Fans' (the translation of Only in Spanish is Solo) or 'Just for fans'. Additionally, other wrong ways of writing the social network is with spelling errors 'onlifans', 'onlyfnas', 'onlufans', 'only fmas' to mention a few, but we emphasize that the correct name is OnlyFans - Only Fans.

OnlyFans most popular profiles:

The idea is to add the most popular profiles and with followers of this social network, if you want us to add yours to the list, leave us a comment.

OnlyFans registration

Registering in Only Fans does not require difficulty, we have expanded on its use, operation, earnings system and more information necessary to start generating the first income. We hope that this OnlyFans tutorial is to your liking and in the comments add any questions or issues that are worth answering.


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