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Starting as an adult WebCam model begins by choosing a platform to work with , in this article, we will present Flirt4Free one of the most popular sites in the field of adult cameras and erotic chats.

Flirt for free: A constantly evolving site

The FlirtForFree online camera platform for adults has been online for more than 20 years becoming one of the best and most recognized, it stands out for the benefits for its models, the interface of the site -which allows a fluid navigability finding what one want- and the ease of becoming a model to start broadcasting.

Register: How to create a model account on Flirt4Free


To be a camgirl or camboy on the Flirt for free site, the first thing we have to do is register a new account in the models -no members- section.

Step followed, they will request that we complete the following:

Basic information:
  • Account type: Individual - Studio.
  • Name
  • Last name
  • E-mail
  • Password
Contact information:
  • Phone number
  • Preferred method for contact
Additional Information:
  • Date of birth, gender and country
  • Explain if we have previous experience as a Webcamer.

Once this is finished and the application has been sent, we will receive an e-mail with our application number and a link from which we must upload 4 of our own photos that will be taken into account for the approval or denial decision.

How to register couples account in Flirt4Free:

Each individual must apply individually using different e-mails and contact telephones, the name of the couple and mention of this type of profile must be added in the comments section. Once both accounts are active, the assigned account manager is asked to unify the accounts.

Both for individual profiles and for couples, if the application is accepted it remains to verify the age of majority for which we must upload to the respective link received photographs of an ID issued by a state entity (Driver's license, passport, document) in which can corroborate this.

Requirements to work as a WebCam model:

The requirements requested to be a model in Flirt 4 Free are usually similar to those mentioned for other platforms. It is required to have an age equal to or greater than 18 years and verify it with an official document issued by the government of our country, have a laptop in which we can install the required software and link it with our registered account, have a camera to record and transmit (it is suggested that it be in high definition HD) and, finally, have a stable Internet connection -avoiding cuts and interruptions- with a high transmission speed.


How much money can I make on Flirt4Free?

This concern is raised by EVERY person looking to become a WebCam model regardless of where they are looking to work as a webcamer. From the same official site, we can see the following image that refers to the subject:

In the disclaimer it is stated that the earnings are based on commissions so they can vary considerably. The main thing to keep in mind is that the models that spend more time and are organized in regular hours become those that generate more income, additionally, by transmitting more commissions and potential earnings are higher.

How much money can be earned by streaming in front of a webcam on the Flirt for free site will depend on a few different circumstances, the most relevant to take into account to enhance this possibility of improving income are:

  • Be charismatic and show empathy with people.
  • Have an affinity with viewers.
  • Show effort and time spent.
  • Provide high quality on show.
  • Be confident, confident and genuine.
  • Have a sexy and seductive attitude.
Site and income methods:
  • Complete and customize the profile.
  • Have an interesting photo.
  • Add a catchy slogan.
  • Take advantage of more ways to earn additional money from donations in the show (pay for calls, sale of photos and videos, fanclubs, shopping lists, etc).
  • Distribute profile through social networks (Facebook, Snapschat Premium, Twitter, TikTok) to increase the visitor base.
  • Try different rates per minute / free shows based on donations.
  • Achieve 5-star rating to have more visibility.
  • Choose a category and exploit the theme.

WebCam Hall of Fame:

A motivating section of the official site in which it provides information about the models who have achieved records and TOPs regarding the number of viewers per show and in total monthly, who have given donations, number of favorites, users who have responded to subscription notification, number of daily and monthly donors and several more ranks. Additionally, you can see the record of credits received in a day, in a show, in a month, the highest tip, group credits, earnings from daily and monthly phone calls and more. In other records, we can see the longest paid show, the model that won the most contests, the most donations over 120 credits, the most non-virtual gifts in the day, the number of consecutive days winning the daily bonus.

The webcamers that are in this section already have some antiquity and dominate the platform as the art of being a camgirl or camboy perfectly, they are the models that earn the most money online with their transmissions and shows . It is advisable to view your profile and be a spectator to learn and imitate certain actions that are worthwhile to increase profits.

By analyzing the numbers that move or at least have moved these profiles we can take a dimension of the incredible profits that can be generated by becoming a successful web cam model .

Means to collect winnings and delay payment:

  • US Models: Check - ACH
  • Models from other countries: Bank transfer - ePayments - CosmoPayments

Frequency: Twice a month, approximately every two weeks.

Features and benefits of being a model on this platform:

  • Accepted genders: Female, male, transsexual, couples and groups. It stands out as one of the platforms with gay cam transmissions with the highest volume of visits.
  • Privacy: Allows blocking of countries and even regions to maintain the privacy of the models that do not want to transmit in certain places.
  • Allows multi transmissions: The possibility of carrying out the same show on different platforms is enabled.
  • Pay-per-minute call system with secure encryption, ideal for models looking for another way to earn money, such as selling airtime through a direct call.
  • It is one of the sites that receives more visitors daily and therefore potential viewers of our showcam.
  • Compatibility with Smartphones and mobile devices.
  • Support 24/7, all day, 7 days a week.
  • Contests, raffles and gifts of continuous prizes.

Sale of shows and transmissions (VOD) Flirt for free

A special feature of the Flirt4Free site is that it automatically saves and allows and resells broadcasts from a tool called VOD (Video On Demand) . The cost of this video will depend on the length and the price range that we choose from the 3 available options (basic, medium and high -only for certain models-).


Types of live broadcasts and how models make money:

A wide diversity with respect to the styles of shows, the number of spectators and people to interact as well as the ways to receive credits and then exchange them for money, we expand on the bottom.

  • Standard: Individual shows between viewer and model, allows other people to enter but not interact. The price range is 10 to 60 credits / minute.
  • Multi users : Allows interaction of more viewers with the model but does not allow external views. The range is 10-20 credits / minute.
  • Premium: Focused on TOP models, spectators and models with the option of having people spy on them. The price range is higher than the standard and chosen by each model.
  • Combo: It is possible to combine the private and multi-user depending on whether it is this type of show from the beginning or if they join a multi-user one.
  • Chat Party : Streaming based on donations and tips without the private chat option.
  • Highlighted: Approximately half of the models have access to this type of shows, it allows coordinating and participating in shows dedicated to spectators with VIP membership. Those who do not have this membership must pay a fee of 30 credits / minute.
  • Group chat : With the method of donations and objectives as well as with duration times, spectators and the model are linked to complete them.
  • Offers for shows : A viewer makes an offer of what he is willing to pay to start a transmission with the model that he can accept or deny.

Specific search for models:

Ideal for individuals who seek to visualize the woman of their dreams carrying out a performance in front of the camera, this functionality of the website allows a specific search in alphabetical order by the name of the model or by defining certain characteristics such as age, sexual orientation, hair color, pubic hair style, body type, eye color, breast size, language of expression, race or ethnicity, height and weight.


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