BongaModels: How to be a model at BongaCams [Requirements, registration, payments and more]

All the web cam models on the BongaCams site are called 'BongaModels', if your goal is to become another member and earn money with Online performances, find out with this complete guide. Being in the TOP 30 of the most visited sites to date according to Alexa and with more than 8 years old, we can affirm that it is one of the most recommended sites to take into account to start as an Online model.

With a concept similar to several of the similar sites on which we have expanded on the portal, BongaCams allows us to carry out 4 different types of shows in which we can earn tokens and then transform them into money to be collected. To diversify the potential sources of income of its models , the platform, in addition to the shows, allows you to trade content such as photos and videos, sell access to social profiles and more interesting features.

How to register and create an account:

The first step to have access is to register a new account as a model in BongaCams , for this we will access the official site that will redirect us to the version compatible with our language (which we can modify from the part bottom of the site).


Step 1: Access information :
  • Type of record: (Individual, group / couple, study)
  • Gender: (Female, Male or Transsexual)
  • Username:
  • Password:
  • E-mail:
  • We will confirm that we accept the terms and conditions as well as the cookie policy.
  • Click on the 'CREATE ACCOUNT' button

We will receive an email to our email from which we will verify it by opening the link provided.

Step 2: Contact information and identity verification

It will be used privately and only for when they issue communications and must contact us.

  • Name - Surname - Country - Region - City - Address - Postal Code.

Being necessary to verify and verify the age of majority as well as the identity, we will need to upload 3 photographs:

  • Photo of the front of our ID.
  • Selfie photo of our face.
  • Face selfie photo and ID.

They will also request:

  • Expiration date: Must be current.
  • Date of birth: We must be over 18 years old.

Among the IDs and documents that we can use for verification are: Passport, national identity document and driver's license, of course, issued by the official government entity of our country.

  • Profile: Real profile picture (without nude and with the stipulated conditions) - Age - Biography - Race - Main language - Zodiac sign - Sexual preference.
  • Body description: Height - Body - Eyes - Style - Pubic hair - Weight - Hair.
  • What do we do in front of the webcam ?: Check the boxes of the options with the type of show that we will do and that it will include.
Step 3: Payment information
  • Minimum payment amount: Choose the amount you want.
  • Payment method: Choose between the options.
Step 4: Agreement with BongaCams

Read the conditions and clauses to finally, if we accept them, finalize the registration.

Requirements and steps to be BongaModel:

  • Be over 18 years old regardless of gender.
  • Register on the BongaModels platform and wait for approval.
  • Have a PC - Notebook in case we want to do performances in multiple places and use the Cam-Splitting software.
  • Have a webcam: Preferably that is compatible with HD and with good performance, keep in mind that the better the video quality, the more attraction it will generate in the viewers and it will be viewed more in detail.
  • Comfortable space: A room or environment specially decorated and organized with respect to light and sound to broadcast the show without external sounds or distractions.

Types of shows on BongaCams and ways to earn money:

  • Public show: Completely open for anyone to access for free. There is a system of levels and goals, donations and games are accepted such as the use of sex toys for tokens , an interaction is carried out with the spectators who usually invite them to a private show.
  • Private show: The interaction is charged per minute / token and the attention is reduced to the model with the spectator, the conditions are usually agreed prior to its start.
  • Show with private exclusivity: No one can see the show except the spectator / model.
  • Spy show: Interested viewers can pay a higher rate than the private show (without exclusivity) that is being broadcast and view it without interacting. A fee is charged in tokens that is related to the minutes.

Sell ​​videos on our profile:

A great way to earn money on BongaCams in addition to shows is by offering your own content such as videos. We simply have to upload them, choose the price that we consider appropriate and wait for sales. A benefit of this system is that it is not necessary to be Online as in the transmissions so that the interested parties can access.

Sell ​​social media profiles:

To have other means of interaction with viewers, fans and followers , and maintaining the levels of privacy that we consider appropriate, we can offer to share the social profiles of Snapchat, Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and TikTok to those who pay a commission (fee) for this that we will stipulate.

Wish List:

Wishlists have become popular, which are lists created by each model in e-commerce stores such as Amazon with clothing, accessories and objects for which anyone with access and desire can pay so that the owner of the list receives the purchase.

Private and complete chat:

We have free chat at the time of broadcasting, private chat for which a fee is paid per minute and can be spied on, and an option called more expensive full private chat in which it is not allowed to be spied on. This proposal must be enabled by each model and accepted after being received by a spectator.

Group chat:

A last type of chat for several viewers who must pay a ticket.

Commission for spying:

While in a chat or spy cam, other individuals can spy paying by the minute.

Payment methods for BongoModels:

Once we have reached the minimum of 50 USD won (being able to select a higher amount if we wish) we can proceed to request a first payment. We must select the method to collect the earnings in BongaCams from the following:

  • WebMoney
  • Paxum
  • ePayService
  • Bitcoin
  • Bitcoin cash
  • Ethereum
  • Litecoin
  • Ripple

Each of these will have its benefits and cons, so it is a personal decision, depending on the selected medium will be the commissions that will be charged.

How much money can a model earn on BongaCams?


The TOP 3 of the profiles -BongaModels- that have generated the most income in the month of February 2020 is the following:

As you can see, living as a webcam model is feasible and allows you to generate money with values ​​greater than the average of a conventional salary. Of course to get to this point we will have to work hard for a considerable time and it will not be overnight, but the point to note is that it is possible to earn money as an Online model .

The amount of income to be generated depends on so many factors that it would not be possible to even achieve an estimate. What you should keep in mind is that loyal subscribers usually leave tips continuously at each show, you must have charisma to ask for and receive donations, it is necessary to offer something in return that attracts and moves the desire of a user for money, effort, constancy and dedication are relevant factors.

Having an organized profile with a photo that highlights our skills, an interesting nickname and carrying out authentic and unique transmissions, we will be able to gradually capture a larger audience and gradually improve until we achieve numbers that are worthwhile and allow a living from this.

Why choose Bonga Cams and be a model on this site?

Becoming a model at BongaCams , with so many competing sites, is an action to consider. Fortunately, this Online Cam site offers and excels at the following:

  • It has won multiple awards for being considered ' Best Adult Webcam Site '.
  • Offers DMCA protection over broadcasts.
  • 'Hot Mode': Higher income for the models depending on the time we have online.
  • Mobile App (iOS - Android): Allows you to transmit from a Smartphone and carry out various functionalities.
  • Refund policy that benefits models.
  • Weekly contests with earnings for BongaModels .
  • Weekly payments to various platforms and the possibility of charging with cryptocurrencies - cryptocurrencies.
  • 50% commission for the income generated by each model.
  • Multi-languages ​​supporting more than 34 different ones.
  • Continuous updates on the platform.
  • News section with news.
  • Real-time support from a chat window.
  • It is one of the sites of this theme that has more traffic, therefore, more interested people.
  • ChatBot: We can expand functions of our show automatically with a bot that is included in the platform.

CamScore on BongaCams and its relevance:

Algorithmic factors will give us a 'CamScore' score depending on the points that we will mention below, the higher the score the visibility of the profile will be increased and, therefore, we will receive more visitors with all that this entails.

It is mainly based on:

  • Location of the model (North America - Western Europe - CIS countries - Rest of the world).
  • Earnings in tokens (tips, donations, chats, sale of videos and photos, etc.)
  • Online Time: The higher the activity, the higher the CamScore.

Additionally, it takes into account, directly and indirectly, several additional factors for the CamScore, such as the number of followers, Internet connection, age of the profile, interaction with users, personalization of the profile, etc.

A good way to understand this system is to visualize the shows and profiles of the most successful models, imitate certain behaviors, take and develop ideas, observe what they do and what influences them to do well.

Recommendations to increase income:

The following tips to improve your earnings on BongaCams are offered by the same platform.

  • When broadcasting, be focused on the show, without distractions and interacting in front of the camera.
  • Have a positive, real and authentic attitude towards the members of the chat room.
  • Have a camera in high quality (HD) so that the details are appreciated, analyze the angle of the camera.
  • An adequate luminosity and without light pollution is recommended.
  • A noise-free microphone that transmits a consistent tone of voice will contribute to the show.
  • Wear appropriate clothing and clothing depending on the style of the performance, the colors and the clothes are important.
  • Preparation prior to the show: Spend time thinking about how to improve each performance, putting on makeup if necessary, avoiding having to interrupt the transmission.
  • Background and decoration of the environment: You can motivate certain users decorations for certain dates (Birthday, Valentine's Day, Halloween, etc).
  • Use of costumes or suits: Authenticity and preferences.
  • Distribute the real interaction with the people in the room, communicate by name if you know it or the profile name, thanking each donation and interacting.
  • Using sex toys and fetish objects can be a plus.
  • Generating suspense and not answering all the questions they consult, analyzing that perhaps in another transmission they will reveal that information.


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