How to make money on Chaturbate [2020 Guide]

Chaturbate is an adult website focused on individual, couple or group erotic live shows , in most cases, it includes naked talks and communications with viewers , sexual relations and even the use of toys is common. This web of cameras Online in real time is one of the most visited receiving millions of monthly visits and being a considerable source of income for many users.

How does it work and how do you make money on Chaturbate?

The income generated by the individuals who perform the performances in their room comes through donations made by the spectators in the form of tokens which are digital tokens that are purchased on the same site and upon receipt they can be exchanged for money. It is in the ingenuity and charisma of each one to see how to achieve them, it is common for many people to meet objectives in their transmission as they receive donations and take more daring actions to finally reach a 'private show' for which a fee must be paid. entry. In addition, there is a sex toy that vibrates when receiving donations and, depending on the amount, is the intensity granted.

How do I become a Chaturbate webcam model to earn money online?

The initial process to enter the industry is the registration of an account on , for this, we will have to access the official site from the button below.


Complete with the information requested to create an account on Chaturbate :

  • Username: The field to be completed must confirm that the one we write is not in use.
  • Password: Must be at least 10 characters long and be considered secure.
  • Email: Enter our email.
  • Date of birth: In day, month and year format.
  • Gender: Man, woman, trans and couple.
  • Accept the terms and privacy policies.

Next, we click on the button 'CREATE A FREE ACCOUNT' . We will receive a confirmation e-mail, in which we will have to open the link as it is necessary to verify our Chaturbate account .

Requirements and elements necessary to work on Chaturbate

  • It is compulsory to be over 18 years old or have the legal age in our country.
  • Having a Notebook, Ultrabook or PC, the greater the resources you have, the less possibility that the computer will lock up and block the transmission.
  • Internet connection: Fiber optic is recommended although high speed WiFi connections should work. Being continuously streaming video content requires a fast connection.
  • High-quality camera: Preferably working with HD (high definition) in 720p / 1080p at least as it allows you to appreciate details.
  • Optional: Costumes, sex toys, lighting system, wireless keyboard and mouse, erotic underwear and lingerie, and external microphone.

How to pass age verification (mandatory):

Carrying out the model verification in Chaturbate is necessary to be able to receive tokens such as tips and donations , otherwise, the 'Donate' option will not be unlocked in our show. That is why we must accept the conditions raised and upload a photo of a document issued by our country (ID, driver's license or passport) in high quality as well as a selfie including the ID and our face.

We must carry out this process with the documentation of all the people who are included in the show, the images must be legible and without blurring, otherwise, the verification will be denied.

How much money can I make by modeling on Chaturbate?


The main source of income for models comes from donations in tokens that are carried out in live shows, but, additionally, it is possible to earn money by offering -from our profile and biography, exclusive videos to those who are willing to pay to unlock them or even photos signed and dedicated to fans. This will give the chance to expand the income window to the moments in which we are not Online and a person makes the respective purchase, in addition, we can add a wish list with potential items for our lives and shows that can be purchased by members of the 'fanclub', that is, followers of our profile.

With regard to the amounts and amount of USD that we can earn is extremely variable, not only due to the number of performances you carry out, but also due to your interaction with fans and viewers . Likewise, it will vary depending on the type of show you carry out, the donation and tip scheme you establish, if you use other potential monetary retribution in addition to token donations (sale of underwear, videos and dedicated photos) and more factors.

What is certain is that many male, female and transsexual models who work on this platform carry it forward as their livelihood and earn large amounts of money , it is not easy, but with time, boldness and cunning it is possible.

General tips for hosting a show and earning tokens

  • Place and area: It should be 100% focused at the time of holding a show, preferably a home environment is recommended in which there are no external noises or discomfort that deconcentrate. In addition, we must take into account the point of natural light and shadows so that the contrast of the transmission is well visualized.
  • Clothing: The costumes are a way of distinguishing themselves by attracting spectators who are potential donors of tokens of the room, a variant we can say is the use of erotic lingerie and sexy clothes to capture the attention of fans.
  • Fetishes: In order to capture people's interest, we must look for topics that attract them and give a special touch to our room. BSDM, latex clothing, fondness for feet and heels, preference for the use of toys, sadism and everything that you allow yourself to practice can be useful ...
  • Piercings and tattoos: Hand in hand with fetishes, we mention that a large number of people are attracted to piercings and tattoos on various parts of the body.
  • Positive attitude: It is essential to have an excellent attitude in front of the camera, to be well into the role of the character and to maintain a good disposition with the spectators since, after all, they are the ones who make the donations. Reading your comments and accessing requests can build a loyal audience that will return with every broadcast.
  • Calendar and schedules: It is practical to keep a calendar with our next shows as well as the GMT schedule for recurring fans, remembering it at the end of our show and leaving it marked in the profile and bio will help viewers to connect to see the new broadcast.
  • Generate links and shows with other models on the site: For mutual benefit and a promotion to potential followers, we can collude with other profiles on the web.

Chaturbate Tokens: Purchase and Sale Value

The value of the tokens in Chaturbate is variable depending on whether we buy or sell as well as the quantity, the price of the same is:

PURCHASE of tokens by fans - spectators to donate:

100 tokens - USD 10.99;
200 tokens - USD 20.99;
500 tokens - USD 44.99;
750 tokens - USD 62.99;
1000 tokens - USD 79.99

SALE of tokens to change to real money:

100 tokens - USD 5

Each token has a sale value of 5 cents as the final price, this is due to the commission that the platform retains from its broadcasters.

How to receive payments from Chaturbate

Once our first tokens have been generated and we achieve a minimum of 100 USD, we will analyze which is the payment method that best suits our preference, each one has its own conditions in commissions and delay. The available ones are:

Online Platforms:

ePayService: An electronic payment platform that has the option of sending a debit card to have the balance, its commission is low (6 cents every 10 USD).

ePayments: We have no commission to receive the payment and it has a Mastercard card available (with its own fees) that we can see on its official site.

Paxum: Variant to receive payments similar to those mentioned above, the commission is fixed at 0.50 USD cents and they have a card available with their respective fees.

CosmoPay: Another variant of Online banking, fixed commission of 1 USD.

For our own Bco account:

International bank transfer : Commission of 45 USD plus the additional charge charged by the Bank.

Deposit in local bank account in the US : Fast and without commission.

Check sent without priority: We can deposit it in our Bco account or sell it, it has no shipping commission and its processing takes less than a week to be sent, the delay in arriving varies depending on the country.

Check sent by private mail FedEx: High commission with shipping 40 to the US and 80 to other countries.


Bitcoin: You can receive payment for the sale of tokens using the cryptocurrency BTC, you have to analyze what exchange rate USD / BTC takes into account, the commission is 3 USD.

How often are Chat Urbate payments issued?

Two monthly payments are made, one that covers the first fortnight and another that goes from that date to the end of the month, after these terms, there is a delay of about 5 days maximum in the processing of payments. Once the first payment has been made, we can activate the option of daily payments that requests a minimum of 24.95 USD, the convenience of this will depend on us.

What happens if i don't reach the minimum amount to charge?

The tokens accumulate until you process your own payment, the forms and requirements are complete. They DO NOT 'disappear' if these days or months without broadcasting a show or charging, they simply accumulate.

The important form with payment information:

Being one of the last requirements we must complete with the requested tax information, this form is enabled when we have the age verification approved and validated, we must go to the 'token statistics' section and click on 'payment information form'. Followed by completing the required information requested with an asterisk (personal and to receive payments) to click the orange button.

From which countries can I work?

Regardless of the country you are in, you can run your own show on Chaturbate and earn tokens to transform them into money. The only 'limitation' in which it could fall is referred to the countries that penalize pornography, erotic shows and Online prostitution, so you must take this into account.

A Chaturbate stream can be broadcast from any country with a stable internet connection.

Interface in every Chaturbate room

Mainly the site is divided into 4 categories: Women, men, couples and transsexuals, each of these includes the profiles - with their name and a brief description - that are currently online doing a performance in front of the camera. When entering a room we will have access to various functions divided into the screen:

  • Video player being able to customize the sound level, the video quality (supports up to HD) and increase to full screen.
  • Chat window: Comments from other users and the owner of the camera, we will see the subject or title of the room and, possibly, requirements and actions that are escalating depending on certain conditions.
  • Under the player window: Number of online users, donations ranking and last user who gave chips. On the right, is one of the most important sections, related to the tokens or tokens that we have available, these are bought and are a means of exchange for the person to reach their goals or have access to private shows.
  • Below, the biography or profile, followed by a tab with photos and videos, as well as general statistics of the site and similar rooms. Finally, on the same line, a button to 'Continue'.
  • Whishlist: Certain models include a list of potential purchases that they would like to have and viewers can buy.


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