How to become a LiveJasmin model - [Tutorial 2020]

Becoming a LiveJasmin model can be practiced with the mere objective of making money online and generating income as a camgirl or camboy, being one of the live cam- related websites with the most traffic available, it has a wide potential for people who want to enter this world. It is characterized by being a site that is not only focused on pornographic transmissions, but also stands out - compared to others in the competition - in providing erotic shows of models with attractive, delicate and charming touches for its viewers.

How to sign up for LiveJasmin: Artists in front of the camera

The first step is to create an account in LiveJasmin since it will give us access and we will link to the website in question, the steps to follow are the following:

  • Enter the official site in the 'model center' section.
  • Next you will require an e-mail and password as well as the acceptance of the conditions (Contract, cookies and personal data), then we must click on 'CREATE ACCOUNT' .

Show type and specs - profile name:
  • We must choose the 'type of account' being able to be individual for a solo profile or study for 2 or more models.
  • The next screen will consult the category of show that we will practice, we can choose between four, each one has its specifications:
    1. Celebrities (Fitness, costumes, fashion, love advice, DJs, more),
    2. Hot flirting
    3. Nudity and erotic show (Boys, girls, transsexuals, hermaphrodites, gay, fetishists, older women)
    4. Amateur / beginner
  • Screen name: It should be attractive and easy to remember, it will be our presentation name.
Data and personal information:
  • Name and surname:
  • Birthdate:
  • Sex:
  • Country:
  • Nationality:
  • Ethnic origin:
Physical characteristics:
  • Hair length and color:
  • Eye color:
  • Male member size:
  • Age:
  • Body:
  • Sexual preferences:
Documents issued by our country:
  • ID type:
  • ID number:
  • Date of Expiry:
Photograph of the documents:
  • Front photo.
  • Rear photo.
  • Photo of our face and document.

Once this process is finished, we will have a new account registered in LiveJasmin , it will only be left to review the information provided so that it agrees with the documents sent and proceed to approve it. After the first step we will receive an e-mail in which we have to confirm our mail and verify it.

Requirements to be a model in LiveJasmin:

The requirements to stream on LiveJasmin are as follows:

  • Being 18 or over, this will be corroborated with the photographs when creating the account .
  • Computer: Meet the necessary requirements to install the LiveJasmin software .
  • Camera: A high definition (HD) camera is recommended so that the show can be viewed clearly and in detail.
  • Physical environment: A comfortable place in our habitat where we do not have distractions and annoyances, we must take into account the light so that it is well visualized and soundproofing to avoid external sounds.

LiveJasmin Payments: How to get paid?

The payments made by Live Jasmin are carried out two months a month, as a necessary requirement to receive it we need to reach the minimum requested depending on the payment method, this varies from 100 USD to 10,000 USD. It is important to know that if we do not reach the required amount, it will accumulate in our account until we have it.

Means to receive payments:

Among the options as a payment method that the LiveJasmin platform provides , we will have to choose the one that brings us the greatest benefit and comfort, adapting to our needs and conditions. We have to choose between the following:

  • ePayService
  • WebMoney
  • Skrill
  • Direct24
  • WebMoney
  • Paxum
  • Bank transfer (WIRE)
  • Physical check (USA)

Regarding the currency in which the payment is sent, by default it is in USD (American Dollars) but it is possible to choose EUR (Euros) from the profile options, the change in FX is taken into account with a slight variation of 0.3 %.

Identity verification to collect:

In addition to the required verification of identity with the age of majority, we must upload two recent photos in the 'Payout' section of our profile, it is necessary that one view the ID and another selfie with the same ID, both clear and legible. From this section we carry out the configuration of payments as methods and dates.

How much does a model earn on LiveJasmin?

The highest model income on LiveJasmin.

There is no limit to how much money can be made on the site and of course it is not a simple job, at least initially. Customize our profile, get fans and loyal viewers who give donations and buy delay content, what can be assured is that once the wheel is turning, you can continue climbing.

The income generated varies considerably depending on many factors, the important thing is to dedicate time, effort and good will continuously to improve and achieve more and more money . We will explain below how the profits are managed and the means to achieve them.

Income system in LiveJasmin: Dependent and independent commissions

The commission that LiveJasmin models receive is not fixed and is variable depending on the income generated in a certain period, that is, it is reset after each payment. This percentage can vary from a minimum of 30% to a maximum of 60% and having 6 levels and covering the income generated in:

  • Private shows
  • Two-person conversions
  • Video calls
  • Donations and 'surprises'
  • Snapchat
  • Cam2Cam

Independently and without a variable commission, they will account for 50% of the income generated by the following means:

  • VIPS Shows
  • My story
  • Referrals
  • Contest and Giveaway Prizes
  • My content (private photos and videos)
  • Private messages

Tips and methods to earn more at LiveJasmin:

At the top we could see all the opportunities to earn money that LiveJasmin provides us and how the commissions are reached. The more products and services offered, we will have more chances of generating income, so it is recommended not to stay only with the shows and live broadcasts , but to try the other available tools, since many allow sales without having to be in front to the camera at that time.

The main and fundamental thing is to increase the number of viewers , by expanding the base of people who come to our room and profile, the chances of receiving a donation and income from a sale of photos - videos or services grow significantly. By spreading a model profile through social networks, on related sites and establishing relationships with other people as well as performing shows we can have a greater reach.

Additional services:
  • Shows: With donations and a fixed price per minute we have different types of shows that we can practice. It is one of the most common ways to make a profile known on LiveJasmin.
  • FanClub and VIP content :: Viewers who become fans or subscribers of our profile can access premium content (photo and video gallery) by paying a fixed price or specifically for multimedia content.
  • Mobile app called by voice: By paying per minute you can interact in real time between fans and the model in question.
  • Private stories: Generating specific stories like SnapChat premium for fans can become another method of earning money.
  • VibraToy: Sex toys controlled by the spectators for which you pay with credits for their manipulation.
  • Sweepstakes: Create sweepstakes and promotions with certain participation conditions and prizes for the winners.
  • Personal site as a model: The same platform allows us to create an individual website to create a personal brand and increase the reach of each model.

Features that benefit models:

  • Music Library: There is audio available without copyright for each show, video or content generated, especially to avoid problems with copyright.
  • Blocking countries: To protect the privacy of each model, the system allows denying access and visibility of a profile in specific countries.
  • Transmission on multiple sites at the same time: Although it is not the most advisable -because it is difficult to interact on two platforms simultaneously- it is possible to broadcast a show on more than one web of cameras Online in parallel.
  • Study accounts: At the time of registration it is possible to select a study account in case multiple models seek to organize themselves from the same profile. It is necessary for each model to verify its identity and meet the requested requirements.

The importance of high quality audio and video: 10% more profit.

Each of these aspects has a score / ranking with certain requirements whose benefit when complying with it is an increase of 5% in income , which is a significant percentage and, I would dare to say, almost essential for viewers to enjoy a good show. .

The video rank is based on two aspects:

  • Transmission appearance: It takes into account the angle, background, decoration of the environment, clothing or costume, makeup, attitude and communication.
  • Quality of the video itself: Resolution, lighting conditions and technical specifications (PC hardware, speed of the Internet connection, quality of the camera in question).

The audio score is based on:

  • Place the microphone in a place that does not have the effect of echo or 'bounce', meaning not to transmit what is heard through the speakers.
  • Check that the audio transmitter is connected and enabled to appreciate the specific accent of each model as well as the music that is transmitted.
  • Bear in mind that the audio quality in paid voice calls is a fundamental point.

Do your best to beat the stipulated scores and achieve an additional 10% in revenue (5% on audio and 5% on video).

JasminCam - Official LiveJasmin Software

The official program to broadcast transmissions on is called JasminCam, a specialized and specific software in linking all the available functions of this platform in a simple way with our model profile.

  • MultiStream: Provides HD quality called 'crystal clean', it must be compatible with our video card.
  • Operating system compatibility: Works on Windows, Linux and Mac.
  • Video Settings : Balance brightness, contrast, edges, light, and more.
  • Camera window: Allows you to extrapolate and re-dimension it.
  • Link with profile: Enter username and password.
  • Hardware configuration . Choose the camera and audio device to use as well as the resolution, FPS and amount of bits per second.
  • Sidebar: Multi-accounts, contacts (members and guests), VIP shows, options, global awards section, report bugs and errors, support.
  • Header bar: Chat section, price per minute,% of profits that the model takes, amount necessary for the next level.
  • More: Private show window, notifications, contacts and interaction.

Selection of models and traffic guide:

The site provides help to new LiveJasmin models with the mere objective of improving the number of viewers and consequently their income, the help can be described as steps and instructions that will allow you to earn more money .

To become a selected model or male model and have a greater visibility of the profile making it popular, it is necessary to fulfill the aforementioned tasks, these are easy to complete and range from improving the audio and video qualities , allowing promotion, accepting content free, add a relevant profile photo, complete with the availability of actions that we can perform in a show, create an introduction in the biography along with other actions that will benefit us directly and indirectly.

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