CamSoda: How to generate income as a webcam model

Working at CamSoda can bring great benefits, a large number of users have shown that you can earn money and generate a considerable source of income from this platform of online shows . Mainly, it stands out for its high payment to the models, the 360º streaming offer generating a focus on virtual reality and, being a pioneer company in this area, although it has several additional benefits such as health insurance for its models.

How to make money with CamSoda

If we decide to generate and earn dollars through live online transmissions, which may be erotic and for adults or designed for another type of streaming, CamSoda is one of the most serious options available. The main thing is to register.


How to create an account on CamSoda:

First and foremost , to register a new account in CamSoda , we must enter the official site (by clicking the link or button below).

Step No. 1: Information to log in.
  • Confirm that we are over 18 years of age.
  • Click on the blue button 'REGISTER AS A MODEL'.
  • Complete with a username, email and password.
  • Accept the terms and conditions.
  • Click on the 'REGISTER NOW' button .
Step No. 2: Contract and personal data.
  • Read the agreement that explains the conditions with which we will interact as a 'model' with the entity 'CamSoda'.
  • Complete with personal information such as: Name, surname, gender, date of birth.
  • Make a digital signature with our initials.
  • Check the box that gives consent to what is expressed in the contract above.
  • Click on the 'CONTINUE' button.
Step No. 3: Verification of legal age.
  • It is a mandatory requirement to upload documentation that supports our majority , for this we must upload two images: As the first upload, request a photo of our identity card, passport, driver's license or official documentation issued by a government entity of our country and the second a selfie where you can see our face and the same previous document.
  • Once the two photos have been loaded and the 'NEXT' button is pressed, they will remain in manual review and we will access the next window.
Step No. 4: Contact information, tax and payment method.
  • We fill in the required fields regarding our contact information (Address, city, state - province, postal code, country).
  • Tax information: Tax organization (individual - individual or company), name of whom payments are received, tax identification number of our country and ID - EIN: (Only for the USA).
  • Payment method: Check or Paxum and minimum amount to collect.
  • Click on 'SUBMIT '.

Our application to be a model in CamSoda was sent, it remains to review the documents, customize our profile and start earning money with our online shows.

How to log into Cam Soda

With our new registered account we will already have access to the site, to log in we simply have to enter the official website and in the upper right corner look for the 'START SESSION' button , click and complete with the previously chosen username and password. If you don't remember your CamSoda password , you can start the recovery process from 'Forgot my password' .

How much am I going to earn as a model on CamSoda?

How much money is earned with CamSoda is a question that practically all the models that are going to start on this website to perform shows ask themselves and there is no exact answer since it will depend on several factors such as the number of viewers we have, the donations we receive, the value of tokens / minute per show we choose, the type of show and duration it has, in addition to our authenticity and charisma.

The main thing is going to be the number of people who see the show, the recurring fans who are usually the ones who offer the most donations as well as the sales we have of videos and photos.

What is the value of each Token in CamSoda?

CamSoda is presented as one of the sites that pays the highest percentage to its users, each token has a value that ranges from 0.05 to 0.55 USD, but what stands out is in the juicy bonuses that it offers both daily, weekly and monthly to the models that generate the highest income to continue motivating their participants.

Another relevant point is that despite the fact that the price of each token has only a slight variation, it is possible to modify the amount of tokens per minute required in each show, which allows increasing income. The private rates (for one person) start as spies (it is paid individually for each person who watches the show and it can be multiple individuals) with a value of 30 and 12 tokens per minute, but it can be changed from the privacy options of each user .

It is advisable to see what rates other users have and start with competitive ranges, once we have a list of fans and regular customers we can increase them.

What is taken into account to earn bonuses?

The bonuses in CamSoda are additional 'gifts' that the sexcam platform provides to its best users, we have 3 available:

  • Daily: 200 - 125 - 75 USD for the 3 models that have generated the most tokens per hour .
  • Weekly: 2000 USD for the model that has received the most tokens in the week .
  • Monthly: 3000 USD for the model with the most tokens that month .

They are relevant income that is significant for anyone who works as a model at CamSoda , it will depend on the effort and work that each person puts in to be able to take it away.

Earn additional tokens when selling videos and photos

One way that will allow us to earn more tokens in CamSoda regardless of whether we are Online or not and different from payments per show (private and spy) is by offering individual photos and themed galleries as well as videos that people can access by paying tokens. For this, we must upload to our profile from the Tokens / Media -> Sell my pics & Vids section, upload the contents and add a price, these will be seen in our biography.

I sold recordings of previous shows

There is the opportunity to sell recordings of performances made in CamSoda, this option is ideal for certain viewers who have been attracted by a specific show and are looking for a way to have it full time on their device. CamSoda's private show type allows it, it can be accessed from settings & privacy -> Model Payment Information.

Wish List and Selling Contact Information:

The privacy of the models is taken care of by CamSoda, but if you are looking to generate an additional form of income you can add a link to ChatStar, being able to add a price and conditions, to be exchanged for contact information such as a phone number or coordinate a appointment. This is voluntary and each model can choose the required clauses.

Additionally, Amazon allows you to create 'wish lists' or 'wishlists' so that people can make purchases and gifts to others, this is a method to finance purchases of items for the show and objects that each model wants.


Methods to collect CamSoda income?

To collect the money generated on the site, when registering we must add the payment method that interests us. Depending on the country, the ones that we find available and their respective conditions, we can mention that the following vary:

  • Wire: Local bank transfer to the US
  • Check: Sent by mail at home to deposit in our Bco account.
  • Paxum: Online payment platform.
  • International bank transfer: Through SWIFT.
  • Cryptocurrencies: BTC - Bitcoin, ETH - Ethereum and more (to buy tokens).

From our profile and specifically from the earnings and income section is where we can modify the payment method, how to configure if we want automatic payments and their emissions.

Camgirls and camboys: Why choose CamSoda?

We will highlight certain benefits available to the models on the CamSoda website and that highlight it as one of the best in the area of online erotic cameras .

  • Featured tags and profiles: By using tags describing the type of show or characteristics of the model we will have a specification of our room, additionally, that our profile is highlighted will help to receive a greater flow of viewers.
  • Medical insurance: After working on the platform for 6 months we can apply to the welfare system in which our situation will be analyzed and can give us an additional bonus to pay for health insurance.
  • Blocking countries: Anonymity and personal protection of our identity is a serious topic at CamSoda, due to this, it allows blocking the visibility of our profile for certain countries. We will reduce the possibility of winning fans or viewers but the inhabitants of a specific country will not be able to find us.
  • DMCA: The content generated in the shows must not be recorded by viewers and, in the event that this happens, and then be uploaded on a site, CamSoda can apply the right of DMCA and privacy to remove it and discontinue its use.
  • Security: By verifying the identity of the models, a problem of SCAM and identity theft is avoided, these photographs of the documents are not shared with anyone.
  • Support: We can contact support by various means to help us resolve doubts and improve as users of the site.
  • Mobile compatibility: We have the possibility of watching erotic shows online from our mobile device / Smartphone , which broadens the range of possible viewers than if it were only laptops or desktop computers.
  • Studio accounts: An ideal option for when there are several people looking to work in the same work environment for their shows. It is necessary to send all the requested information (legal name, location, number of models, etc.) to those in charge at CamSoda .
  • Accepted genders: Anyone who is of legal age in their country can participate, men, women, transsexuals and couples are welcome.
  • Friendly cryptocurrencies: There is the possibility of buying tokens with virtual currencies such as BTC, LTC, BCH, ETH and more.
  • RealDoll VR: It is linked to the virtual reality company ReallDoll and their respective functionalities, a unique feature in the field.

CamSoda model ranking and rating system:

Each model has three types of rankings , each one with its base and fundamentals, they are the following:

  • Overall score: Points provided by users who have donated more than 25 tokens in the chat.
  • Private score: It takes into account the points given by users after a private and individual show.
  • Golden score: It is based on the points provided by users after a golden show for which you have to pay a ticket fee (entry paid with tokens) to be able to previously access.

Why is it important to have high scores as a model? How to improve the ranks?

It is of relevant consideration to have high rankings as a model , since it will provide us with greater visibility of our room and profile on the site, so that the higher it is, the more viewers will agree to know us.

To rise the ranks as a model in Cam Soda it is essential to have an excellent interaction with the followers, fans and viewers in general, complying with their demands and giving them the importance they deserve. By doing this, we will achieve a higher score.


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  1. Good afternoon,

    I want to start working in cam soda, but I am an independent model in Colombia; if they are approving this country?

    1. Hello! Yes, of course you can. An alternative that we recommend to the webcamer system is that you have your account is OnlyFans, a social network based on subscriptions so that you can generate without the need to transmit

  2. I have an account in camsoda but it is very low due to lack of use, can I get a new one or how do I go up the ranking? Thank you !!!!

    1. Hello! You can create a new account, in this article we explain how 🙂

      If the email is already in use, try using another.

  3. Hello, good evening I want to open a new account as an independent in camsoda, but I have tried again and again and my Colombian identity document is denied, how can I do it,

    1. Hello, do you explain the reason why they deny you the documentation? Are the photos legible? Have you tried another type of ID?

  4. Hello, I want to be an independent model, I am Venezuelan, I live in Colombia. My question is if they accept my expired passport or the valid ID? Another question is the paxum account to collect profits obviously my partner's, could I use it?

  5. Good morning, my question is… if I have my routine, is it necessary to link my account with a study in order to work? Or by having that document I can work independently

  6. Hello, I want to register in camsoda as an independent model, I already did the registration but it tells me that I must wait 24 hours for the verification, the problem is that a week has passed and it keeps saying the same thing and without having another type of response, what can I do then? Or what could be happening?

  7. Hello Good morning .. I want to open a study account for Colombia. It can ? Can you please tell me how? Thank you

  8. I am an independent model in Medellín, Colombia. I am currently working on Chaturbate but wanted to get started on Camsoda. Is it possible to create a separate account on Camsoda? Thanks 🙂

  9. good morning.

    I want to know if they are approving study accounts in Colombia?

    to be able to link model accounts


  10. Hello, I have entered as new I would like to know how I could collect payments in Ecuador since I do not have a personal account, I am an immigrant in this country. Thank you

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