How Technology Helps Increase Teachers’ Income


There are digital platforms such as, an education marketplace that receives over 300,000 visits each month among teachers of various specialties and students in Colombia.

A teacher who works part time 2 times a week through a digital platform can earn around $1,000,000 per month.

The role of teachers is essential and even more so when the local context indicates that there is a great need for equality in education at different levels. This is shown by a DEN report, which indicates that primary education in Colombia has not yet reached pre-pandemic enrollment figures, and the results show that there was a large dropout rate in the past year at levels such as preschool. Furthermore, the coverage rate in higher education in Colombia in 2020 was 51.6%, which is 23.5 percentage points lower than the average for OECD economies, which is 75.1%.

Although the traditional method for this practice has been around for many years through institutions such as schools, universities and institutions, with the advent of technology and virtuality this has changed and the offer has been expanded, opening the way for new opportunities. Is. Teachers improve their income.

There are currently digital platforms such as, a private education marketplace that receives over 300,000 visits each month between students and teachers in Colombia, allowing them to be free, secure, simple and easily connected Is. With such technological solutions, teachers can create and offer their own personalized learning services and gain greater visibility and exposure in the market.

In addition, it is important to note that the platform gives both experienced teachers and students in the process of training the possibility of creating advertisements.

Using these types of digital tools is of great benefit to those practicing this profession,, for example, allows free bidding, which gives the possibility of not investing in advance so as to really If, for example, a teacher he works part time 2 times a week, he can earn about $1,000,000 a month using the platform. In addition, this value may vary as the rate per hour of work is defined by the same teacher according to the subject, his/her professional career and specialty.

Another advantage is that you can choose the work method best suited for you, whether face-to-face or virtual, and within the time frame that suits your availability. Furthermore, you can teach about a variety of subjects and even trades that range from traditional subjects such as language or mathematics to sewing or dance, with no boundaries in this aspect.

Camila Morales, an elementary school teacher, is a user of the platform and comments on its use: “You must put your resume, experience, methodology and title. I already have four students whom I have already established at the time. I teach once a week. It also points out that despite the fact that there are other means of offering their services, your private classes give the possibility of “not so much effort looking for job opportunities, but rather the student alone.” arrive”.

Those who wish to expand their offer and increase their income with private tutoring on this platform can visit and click “ad free” to create a profile. Signing up is completely free and the site does not charge any commission.


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